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CCV realizes that there are many owners out there who are beginning to look at exit strategies for their business.   This can be a stressful process as there is usually a lot of hard work and commitment that has gone into the creation of your business.  While we can never guarantee a match, CCV believes in working fairly and transparently with owners to see if an opportunity exists for us to provide your exit strategy. 



CCV has developed a clear and structured approach to evaluate potential acquisitions. Our goal is to reach a decision in a timely and efficient manner.  We have aligned ourselves with an investment group to allow us access to the capital needed to move on acquisitions once a decision has been reached. 


Additionally, we offer owners the opportunity to continue to participate in Self Storage by investing in our fund should they choose.



In addition to providing access to capital, CCV is part of a larger group that brings expertise in important areas such as tax and estate planning and legal advice.  Our goal is to bring added value to our acquisition partners by helping them structure the most efficient exit from a tax and estate perspective.  



We like to complete our due diligence on the current market conditions on the purchasing facility by applying our Real Estate expertise, and evaluating the revenue potential. Our plan is to ensure you receive fair market value on your property, and taking the stress out of the selling process.

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